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About Membership at PMH

Becoming a member of Philly Music Hall

Membership at Philly Music Hall is required to attend many of our events and classes!

To become a member, you'll need to provide references from 2 pre-existing members. All that needs to happen is that the members will need to log into their PMH accounts, click on "Refer a Friend", and enter your email! As soon as your email address has been added by two separate members, an automated process will begin that creates an account for you and then reaches across the ether to send an invitation to your email address.

Membership is available at three levels; Basic, Standard, and Platinum. We also have student discounts for those of you currently engaged in self-enrichment!

Membership levels

  • A Basic membership has no member fee per month, and you are considered as a vetted member for the purpose of entering members-only events! However, you'll pay full guest rates at the door and are ineligible to rent a locker or purchase co-working access. This membership is a great option if your schedule only lets you attend events infrequently! 
  • A Standard membership is $50 per month. In addition to being able to attend members-only events, you'll pay either nothing or a vastly reduced rate for every event we offer, and you're eligible to rent a locker and participate in our co-working program for an additional fee. You'll also receive a discounted rate at any of the non-Philly Music Hall events we run or host, such as educational intensives and RambleGRUE!
  • A Platinum membership is $150 per month, and includes a free locker and co-working access. As a Platinum member, you're able to come to any standard event hosted by Philly Music Hall for free, and will receive an even larger discount on our intensives and other events like RambleGRUE!

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