What is the Philly Music Hall?

Philly Music Hall is a 501(c)7 private community center, serving individuals who are members of alternative-sexuality (alt-sex) communities.

What are Alt-Sex communities?

This is an umbrella term for a range of communities, including but not limited to those who practice non-traditional relationship styles (polyamory, open relationships, power exchange relationships), sadomasochism, and the LGBTQIA spectrum of non-heterosexual identities. Alt-sex communities are strongly based upon a more radical understanding of the concept of consent and a centering of the importance of informed, enthusiastic, and ongoing consent within both relationships and activities. 

What services does the Hall provide?

The Hall is a multi-functional center that provides communities with a host of events and resources selected to further our mission.  These include:

An educational reading library, daytime co-working areas, meeting and conference spaces, social event and party spaces, classes and workshops on a wide variety of subjects both academic and practical, board and video game nights, potlucks, meetups, commitment ceremonies and weddings.

Who is allowed into the Hall?

Our primary concerns are consent and safety. To this end, we are a private members-only club.  Membership is only granted to those vetted and sponsored by existing members. To become a member, two existing members must vouch for you.

Do you serve alcohol?

No.  We believe that serving alcohol runs contrary to our commitment to a safe and consensual environment and do not seek to do so now or in the future

Do you allow alcohol?

No. A BYOB policy is no less detrimental to our goals than serving alcohol ourselves.  The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Hall.

Is it a sex club?